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Florida Villa

On our network, we support standard Internet advert specifications. Heres a quick list of the sizes and examples:-

468x60 - Top Placement
The 468x60 banner is the most popular choice due to the size. The banner at the top of this page in an example of a 468x60 banner.
We support 2 kinds of 468x60 banner; one which must be placed on the top half of your pages, and the other which can be placed on any part of your pages.
Quick Specs:- 460 pixels wide, 60 pixels high, mazimum file size of 15k, GIF or JPEG.

468x60 - Anywhere Placement
The 468x60 'anywhere placement' banner is exactly what is says; a 468x60 banner that can be placed anywhere on your pages. This does not have to be on the top half of the screen as the above example has to be.
Quick Specs:- 460 pixels wide, 60 pixels high, mazimum file size of 13k, GIF or JPEG.

Pop-Under Windows
Our pop-under windows open your site in a window size of 700x420 pixels.
We DO NOT allow the pop-under code to be placed on any page which has other pop-up/pop-under code on it and your pages must not automatically refresh to maximum screen size.

Note: We only allow 1 graphic banner per page. Pages may contain a graphic banner and the pop-under code if desired.

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